Tuesday, December 29, 2009

two calls to comcast

one of our accounts got shut off. I called comcast business support to make a payment.


1st prompt: new or existing crusty

2nd prompt: Zip Code

3rd prompt: tech support, billing....

4th prompt: account details menu

so comcast takes your phone number and zip code, then authenticates you into an account.

In this particular case it happed to not be my account. I before I realized what was happening, I heard info on last payment date/amount, total balance due. hung up.

call #2

existing crust
tech support --> Human

name, address, phone number

three accounts pop (account from 1st call was not one of them).

tech support explanation was that phone number links accounts across all comcast boards (biz/residential).



Customer.Connect.Melissa said...


I apologize for the troubles. Please email our team at the address below. We'd be happy to assist.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

Dent said...
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ElroyTLanphear said...
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